Get involved – submit an article for the blog

Submissions to the blog can be on any Teaching and Learning related topic and all documents for publishing should be sent along with the text of your article. There is no submission deadline but in order to keep the blog up-to-date we hope that colleagues will regularly submit entries so that it becomes a resource that reflects the interests and thoughts of the University’s T&L community.

We have included some brief guidelines below to help you with the structure of articles if you are not already familiar with blogging.

If you have any queries in relation to the Engage in Teaching and Learning blog or would like to submit an article please email engageint&

We look forward to receiving your submissions in the near future.

Key structure of articles

When submitting your blog post please consider and include the following;

  1. A heading for your article.
  2. Spell out acronyms and keep in mind that the blog is seen by readers both internal and external to the University
  3. Consider using sub-headings if your article is longer than a couple of paragraphs
  4. Any URL links you wish to be included in the text (either as embedded links or highlighted words).
  5. Authored by (if this should be attributed to someone other than the person submitting the article).

You can also include;

  • Media – add any attachments such as pictures, videos or podcasts to the submission email which you wish to be included in the post (these must be less than 2MB each); please provide descriptions of those people featured.
  • Suggested keywords (tags) to be added to the article. These can help users of the blog search for specific terms which may flag your article to them.