Thoughts from the PVC for T&L

I am delighted to welcome you to the University’s Teaching and Learning blog, Engage in Teaching and Learning, which has been established to provide a dynamic and timely forum for disseminating T&L-related information across the University. One of the key aims of the blog is to provide you with an opportunity to readily and easily post your comments and thoughts on matters relating to teaching and learning. At its heart, Engage in Teaching and Learning represents a resource that is led by our T&L community.

Engage in Teaching and Learning has considerable potential for enabling dynamic and speedy exchange of T&L-related ideas and practices. I will be making regular posts on the blog and hope that you will also find time to browse and post comments.

Update: Autumn 2012

The QAA Institutional Review team have completed their visits to the University and we await their report with interest. So many colleagues have contributed to this Review and I am extremely grateful for everyone’s support. As we move towards the end of the calendar year, I’d like to highlight just a few key items as follows:

  • The NSS: RUSU deserve particular congratulation as 82.1% per cent of final year students were satisfied with the Students’ Union and the University ranked 6th overall in this measure.  Also, an increase of 5% in the overall response rate to 68% is real progress. ‘Overall satisfaction’ remained at 88% but there is no room for complacency and work is already in train to address areas of concern!
  • Employability: The University now offers all students on undergraduate programmes a placement opportunity. Recently, I was delighted to welcome to the University representatives of companies who have offered placements to students in the School of Construction Management and Engineering.
  • 1% campaign: The Director of Marketing and Communication, Gem Walsh, is leading a campaign to support recruitment and conversion of applications by focusing attention on our standing as one of the top 1% of universities worldwide according to the THE World University Rankings.
  • T&L success stories: I was delighted to attend the recent HEA National Teaching Fellowship ceremony at Middle Temple Hall in London and to see Helen Bilton and Professor Rachel McCrindle receive their awards.  It was also very gratifying to see so many colleagues recognised for their extremely high quality contributions to T&L at the ‘Celebrating Success in T&L’ event in September.
  • Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning): The change in title of Faculty Director of Teaching and Learning to ‘Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)’ is aimed mainly at ensuring that our five ADTLs receive appropriate recognition outside the University.

Professor Gavin Brooks, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning)