Winter 2013

This is the second winter that the main trial grass-free lawn has endured. In the first year the lawn disappeared under snow for a while and a temperature of -10.5°C was recorded on the plot. So far this year the snow has been back but the lowest temperature has been a balmy -6°C. The lawn is certainly getting a good climatic trial. Last year (2012) was also the wettest for 100 years after one of the driest years on record the year before. The British weather is being very – British!

January Lawn

January 2013


The seasons and the ever changing weather patterns seem to favour one or two species for a while and then a different group. The lawn is like a tapestry that gets slowly rewoven as first one species then another takes or looses its advantage. I had some concern that bare patches might be a problem during the winter months since some of the species used are truly herbaceous and disappear from sight entirely, but the bare patches are few and very small indeed. Certainly no worse than those in the traditional grass lawns that surround the trial grounds.

There are currently a few English daisies (Bellis perennis) in flower and the Cyclamen coum has put through some nodding pink flowers.

Cyclamen coum in the lawn

Cyclamen coum in the lawn

I wish I had planted snowdrops too!

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