Avondale Park and the grass-free floral lawn…

I’m currently being wonderfully overwhelmed by the interest in the concept and the Avondale Park lawn. I will endeavour to respond to all enquiries. However in the mean time the website may answer many of the questions.


Avondale was planted just three weeks ago. The plants are still in the process of spreading and mingling to create a tight sward. It should improve with time. As of yesterday it looked a bit like:

Avondale park lawn settling in.

Avondale park lawn settling in.

Now, why didn’t the pecking peacocks of Holland Park peck out the pesky grass seedlings – I wonder?

8 thoughts on “Avondale Park and the grass-free floral lawn…

  1. I am so impressed by Dr Lionel Smith’s design for a grass free garden that I would like his recipe to build my own. The guy is the horticulturalist of my dreams.
    Please reply.
    Thank you in anticipation

  2. What a beautiful lawn and I bet it smells divine. Well done Dr Smith! My lawn in Devon is full of tough old grasses, moss, white clover, dandelions, buttercups, self heal, tons of speedwell, daisies and loads of other tiny flowers. As there’s no point fighting it to be a green sward (it’s exhausting just mowing it), I let it flower it’s heart out for about 3 weeks before cutting it. The insects love it and goldfinches sometimes come down to eat the seeds after cutting. I really like the idea of adding scented herbs to the mix and removing some of the couch grass and dandelions. Good luck with your continuing research.

  3. I would like a recipe for your floral lawn, just had our house spruced up, now its time for the garden

  4. Truly inspirational! I have a small ‘teardrop’ area in my narrow Victorian
    garden currently covered with pebbles to deter cats. I would love a list of herbs and plants that you used to create an environment for insects and birds to enjoy. Thanking you in anticipation.

  5. Saw your lawn last night on the BBC Garden Revival programme, and it fits exactly into my ongoing Fantasy Garden for Eccentrics (website domain http://www.fantasygardenforeccentrics.com owned but not yet up and running) which I am building for the past three years in my small suburban garden in East Grinstead! I’ll be visiting Avondale Park this spring, of course, but would love a list of the plants that you are using so that I can get going! What a wonderful concept!

    • Hi Harry,
      Thank you for your kind comment. I certainly like the idea of a fantasy garden. I’ve been working on the eccentric thing for a while, not sure how it’s going tho’. I look forward to seeing how your website develops and where a grass-free lawn might fit in.
      A full list of plants won’t be available until I’ve had my work fully peer reviewed and my thesis completed. It’s bad academic manners to jump the gun – so to speak. The plants I used at RHS Chelsea are on the FAQ page of http://www.grassfrelawns.co.uk It’s the place to start.
      Best wishes. Lionel

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