Commercialisation of grass-free lawns

I must thank everyone who has contacted me publicly and privately via this blog, or via the Grass-free website, subsequent to the 2 minute mention on the BBC’s Great British Garden Revival on Friday.

The most common question by far has been “Where can I buy one?”

The simple answer is: Watch this space.

I am currently working with two of Britain’s well known plant producers on taking the research from the experimental grounds and into gardens and public spaces.

Inevitably transforming research into practical commercial application takes a little while, especially when using plants. We can only progress as fast as the plants themselves will grow. It is my hope that later this year we will see grass-free lawn ‘plant tiles’ made available to the gardening public.

At this early stage it seems likely that those people who register an interest will be the first to hear about it. So do let me know if you would like to be included on that list.

Blackbird on the Avondale Park Lawn, London

Blackbird on the grass-free Avondale Park Lawn, London

22 thoughts on “Commercialisation of grass-free lawns

  1. Hi, What a brilliant, brilliant idea. We live in Derbyshire and would simply love to put down a grass-free lawn in our front garden once renovation work has ended. The only other feature would be a massive row (perhaps double row) of lavender on either side of the path. BTW, I have sent a link of the website to a friend who works with landscape architect Louis Benech in France. Best wishes, Margrit Methuen

  2. Please keep me advised about any commercial developments of grass-free lawns for private gardens.

    Best wishes

    Eric Gower

  3. Please let me know when plant tiles, suitable for private gardens, become available and where they can be sourced.
    Many thanks

  4. Can’t wait until this product is available commercially. It will revolutionise how we deal with our gardens and enhance the biodiversity where ever it is planted. Happy to have my garden used as a pilot study, if required! Please keep in contact with how you are progressing.

  5. Can’t wait for this product to be commercially available. It will revolutionise how we interact with our garden and enhance the biodiversity. Happy to have my garden used as a trial if required. Please keep in contact with the progress.

    • Thank you for your kind comments. It is my hope that both lawn aesthetics and wildlife will benefit from grass-free lawns.
      Alas, my trials have been completed now, but thank you for your offer of experimental space. Results are due shortly.
      Mind you, it can be very challenging for many people to look again at such a traditional feature as a lawn (it HAS to be grass, doesn’t it?) and implement the necessary management (you CAN’T possibly mow flowers, can you?).
      Once you start thinking outside the traditional box and around both these two thought blocks, its amazing what might be created.

  6. I would like to be on your list too. Biodiversity and beauty. I know you say no for use with dogs but I want to experiment. I will be interested to see if any plants can cope – I returf every year but brown patches take over within weeks.

  7. Hi,
    Please could you let me know when you have a commercial product available – very interested for a grass-free front lawn.

    Many thanks,


  8. Hello, I’m a professional gardener who is trying to be as wildlife-friendly as possible. I love the sound of this product – it seems it will be great for wildlife and for homeowners. The reduced mowing regime is massively appealing and I think the lawns are very attractive and far more interesting than a boring old patch of grass. Please keep me posted about when the tiles become available.
    Many thanks

  9. Hi,

    I wondered if, now you’re reaching the end of your research, you’ve decided that plant tiles are the only solution?

    I ask because whilst I realize pre-mixed seeds aren’t a good option the tiles solution doesn’t seem particularly attractive either. I want to be able to not only maintain the lawn but tweak it to my own requirements, such as varying the flower to foliage balance.

    So I guess I’m wondering if you’d considered selling kits with pretty much all the seeds you’d need, with the ability to order more and/or plants to vary the lawn once its in place?



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