Not a lot to report at the moment. The lawns are bearing up rather well to all the rain. Did I mention it has been raining? Surely I have.

For my non-UK readers let me advise you of a new weather phenomenon here in the UK – the winter monsoon. Barely a day goes by without a mini deluge, and its been going on for two months so far, with no sign of stopping either.

Rain in the UK – rather unsurprising – I hear you unsympathetically exclaim.

You’d be right of course, BUT I read today that we have had the wettest January since records began back in the 18th Century. It’s not our lovely characteristic showery rain that comes and goes within an hour. This is a British monsoon the likes of which I have never experienced in the UK before.  Anyway enough of that. There are nice things showing:

Cyclamen coum in the lawn on Feb 1st 2014

Cyclamen coum in the lawn on Feb 1st 2014

and nice things to come:

Bulbs poking through - but which ones???

Bulbs poking through – but which ones???

The rain will pass. The sun will come out. The sky will be blue and the lawn will bloom again…..!


2 thoughts on “Poised

  1. I’ve been as well excited with unexpected bulbs shooting up everywhere in my backyard. We moved in this house since Autumn , cleaned up the back garden that been abandoned for years, nothing has been interesting apart from weeds and some prickly thorns, now we’re rewarded by early Spring bulbs 🙂 Monsoon isn’t such a bad thing

  2. Wow ! This is fantastic ! So beautiful and good for the biodiversity too, I love it ! Must try, thanks for the inspiration !

    Lisa/Lisas garden, Sweden.

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