Mowing mania

There has been a bit of mowing here at Reading. Firstly the newly planted Palmer Building lawn received a haircut.

Mown Palmer Building Lawn

Mown Palmer Building Lawn

and then the large trial lawn had to get its first haircut of the year.

It went from this:

Getting a bit too tall, too crowded, time for the mower...

Getting a bit too tall, too crowded, time for the mower…

To this:

Apres - mower

Apres – mower

What amazes me is that now the lawn is heading toward 4 years old, that whenever its mown, it looks like – well, like a grass lawn I suppose. It even takes the lines of a mower! You’d never know it was so full of different species, even the red leaved clovers somehow blend into the green.

However, I’m not unhappy about it. I confess to rather liking the patchwork quilt effect of the first couple of years, but as the earlier posts show we’ve had 3 months of flowers already. Now its three weeks of grass-like lawn and then the flowers will be back and a whole new set of plants will benefit from the extra light and air.

It is important to remember that this lawn was and is experimental. Since it was created over three years ago I was not able to incorporate all the data I have subsequently acquired, just a lot of theory. I know now that this particular lawn probably had a bit too much buttercup and yarrow at the start and some of the plant forms were not ideal. There was quite a bit of educated guess work involved, but even so, it’s not turned out too bad has it?.

The data is all in now and has been analysed. The thesis has been written. Time to write a book perhaps?



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