Summer lull

The lawns beside the bee hives have regenerated post mowing. It is always something that seems to surprise new observers of grass-free lawns.

The temperature has strangely been dropping a degree every couple of days, we’ve gone from 30C to 17C in the daytime in just over three weeks (most peculiar for mid-august) and there has been plenty of rain. There aren’t that many flowers, but here’s an image.



A closer look will show some of the non-native species are continuing to put through flowers, and in the dips in the lawn the chamomile that missed the mowers blade has plenty of flowers.

I notice the lawn has something of a yellow and silver sheen from the all variegated plants and particularly the silverweed.

Yellow and silver

Yellow and silver

I imagine that this autumn will be quite golden in the lawn when the silverweed’s leaves turn colour before vanishing for the winter.

2 thoughts on “Summer lull

    • Not really. The autumnal tints look great. A bit of green, gold and red looks quite attractive. Since all the species used are climatically suitable and proven to tolerate a British winter, there is no noticeable loss of ground cover, and the variety of colours in the winter lawn foliage makes it much more interesting than a monotone green.
      Evidence suggests that grass-free lawns allow for water infiltration at twice the rate of common type garden lawns, so they tend not to get as soggy as most grass lawns at this time of year.
      If you need a CPD session to bring you up to speed on GF lawns at lawnnorder – do let me know.

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