New front garden lawn

I had the delight of receiving a message from a tapestry lawn enthusiast who had taken it upon herself to transform her small front lawn.

Kara I salute you! It is quite a lovely transformation. The first self-made small front garden tapestry lawn that I know of.

She has graciously allowed me to post a few images to show how she did it.

The previous lawn.

Gets the spade treatment

All ready…

Time for a spot of growing…

A spot of planting….

And after a bit of patient waiting….

and lo, it came to pass, a lovely new T lawn. Yay!!!

I am utterly, utterly delighted. Well executed Kara!

One thought on “New front garden lawn

  1. This looks amazing! I know this was posted ages ago but I’ve only just been introduced to the idea. So now I’m going to convert my front lawn which currently has a wildflower bed. All I need is advice on seeds. How do these lawns “age” over years I wonder?

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