Ever at the front of new ideas and ways of doing things, Oakham School, Rutland, in conjuction with a well known garden designer, has under the watchful eye of grounds manager Richard Dexter developed its own four part tapestry lawn as part of a major redesign of the central school quad.

I know that Richard was both very enthusiastic and understandably professionally cautious. Tapestry lawns are a very new direction for lawn horticulture and like most new things, they can take a bit of getting used to. Although apparently the school science staff took to it immediately. Yay for science!!! Hortiscience rules!!! Ahem, back in the room.

It is inevitably a major investment by the school and has to be both aesthetically intriguing and attractive, educationally useful and stand up to pupils short cutting across the quad.

I’m totally delighted to learn from Richard today,  and I quote: ” the lawn is getting better and better all the time and I can’t believe how little work it really needs.”

He has kindly allowed me to share a couple of images of the school’s four part lawn.

Oakham School Quad

Oakham School Quad

Quad 2

I can’t help thinking that there isn’t another school quad anywhere else in the world quite like this one!!


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