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Answers to many of the questions that I am asked can be found in the FAQ section of the  Grass free lawn website


There are additional links there to videos of the trial lawn and mowing it on YouTube, the development of the Avondale Park lawn and the associated BBC News article.

It is well worth looking there for additional information.


Additional Links:

BBC News report on Avondale Park

Avondale Park lawn being laid

University of Reading TRIAL lawn over a three year period

Towards a lawn without grass: the journey of the imperfect lawn and its analogues. PDF

Guardian Newspaper Article on Avondale Park


4 thoughts on “Information links

  1. How do we do it? We live by the sea in Ayr and are starting from scratch. We love your grass-free lawn. Our area is about 40 Sq M, walled and south facing. Thanks for your help. Christine Fremantle

  2. Watched the TV snippet but didn’t note the details – delightful.
    Very interested in a commercially available product so please add me to your contact list.

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