Making the most of your Christmas break

christmas blog imageChristmas is coming, the end of term is fast approaching. When you look back on how you’ve been this Autumn Term, are there any changes you’d like to make for the rest of the academic year to come – your approach to studies; attitude to friends; way of socialising ….?  The holiday break could be your opportunity to start doing something differently.

Feeling exhausted?Let go of stress about your studies, decide to give yourself the break you need. Recharge your study batteries by giving yourself time to relax. This’ll help you face the Spring Term with renewed energy and enthusiasm.


The Chaplaincy centre on the  Whiteknights campus, near to Park House and behind the main Library

Nowhere to go for Christmas? The Chaplaincy Centre has a list of various activities happening locally during the holiday period, and offers a proper English Christmas lunch on 25th December – find company, and perhaps someone to hang out with on another day, too.

Missed deadlines? This could be the time to catch up on reading you’ve missed during the term, so you can return feeling on top of your work. If you’re going home, could you ask someone there to help you schedule in some study time? If you’re staying in Reading, how about booking a Study Advice appointment, during this quiet period?

Feel like volunteering?Helping someone else is a great feeling, and lots of charities are looking for extra volunteering staff at this time of year. A good addition to your c.v. too.

Lost touch with important people? Special people in your life are likely to understand how busy you’ve been at uni. How about setting aside time to re-connect properly, and letting them know how much you value them.

student chopping up food for christmas blogWish you’d been eating more healthily? Time to learn to cook? Can you ask a friend or relative for some simple but attractive recipes? Do you want to branch out next term and try cooking dishes from a different culture? Put a recipe book on your wish list and pave the way to a healthier you!

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