About the project

NEWS: We are still looking for student contributors to the blog.  Email us at studentfoodproject@reading.ac.uk with ideas, suggestions, or questions.

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The  International Student Food Project supports international students in cooking and eating at the University of Reading. Working closely with students, we  have been developing a resource to:

  • provide information and advice on shopping, cooking and eating
  • draw attention to common issues or challenges
  • share and celebrate our students’ different cultures
  • raise awareness of food’s social and cultural importance

Why food?

Food plays a significant role in the experience of international students in the UK and can have a strong influence on both their physical and emotional well-being. As our students have told us:

Food is culture!

It can be quite hard to get used to the food here in the UK.

It’s important to have some comfort food to cope with the occasional homesickness.

Good food makes people happy.

While some students have no difficulty adapting to new food in the UK, others find it difficult. The project arises from a recognition that more support can be provided while students get settled into University life.

It can be hard to accept new foods at first, but eventually you’ll get used to the tastes.


For further information:

  • Contact Dr Liz Wilding studentfoodproject@reading.ac.uk
  • Follow us on Twitter: @IntStudentFood