Looking for student volunteers

We are looking for students to help shape the project.

Share your views on eating at Uni and have some fun. Come along to our first meeting – no preparation needed.

  • Wednesday 29 November
  • 4pm–5pm
  • Edith Morley Room 124

All kinds of contributions, including stories, practical advice, and favourite recipes or addresses, will be welcome. Participation in the project will count towards the RED Award.

There will be food!

The International Student Food Project is now live!

The International Student Food Project arises from the recognition of the significant role food can play in the acculturation experience of international students in the UK. Food practices (shopping, cooking, eating) have a strong influence on both physical and emotional well-being, but are rarely explored in depth during student pre-arrival and orientation programmes.

The project (with funding from UKCISA) will be focused on the creation of a food induction toolkit to raise awareness of food’s social and cultural importance, draw attention to common issues or challenges, and provide a rich set of resources for students. Most of all, we want to share and celebrate our students’ different cultures through food. #WeAreInternational

We will be working closely with student volunteers and societies to create the toolkit. More information about opportunities to participate will follow shortly.

Follow us on Twitter: @IntStudentFood