Before you arrive

What can you do to prepare for cooking and eating in the UK before you leave home? Here is some advice from international students already at the University of Reading:

  1. The number one piece advice from our students is to learn to cook! If you need help, ask your family or friends to teach you a few simple recipes before you leave home. Take a look at our Cooking section for more cooking tips.

 “Learn to cook so you can feed yourself well. “

  1. Bring special or unusual equipment, for example a good cook’s knife. Many students suggest that you bring a rice cooker from home if you want to eat rice regularly. But for any electrical appliances, you must make sure that they meet UK guidelines and have been PAT tested. You will have to keep them in the kitchen, not your own room. Information on this will be sent to you in your halls handbook if you are going to live in University accommodation.

3. Bring your favourite spices or even hot sauce to add the taste of home to food in the UK.

4. Pack basic cooking utensils or cutlery, or be prepared to buy them in the UK.

The British Council has also produced a list of top tips about food in the UK.