About British food

We’ve had a lot of questions about sandwiches: British people generally like sandwiches, and the average Brit eats 18,304 in his/her lifetime according to this Guardian article. You’ll see a lot of the triangle-shaped sandwiches (also called ‘sarnies’) using sliced white or brown bread, but there are many other different types to try.  What’s your favourite?


Avocado, egg and chicken sandwich by Hesper












Have you heard about the full English breakfast (also known as a fry up)? It’s an English tradition and includes bacon, eggs, sausage, tomatoes, and toast. There might also be baked beans, and/or mushrooms. English people often vote it their favourite breakfast, but they don’t eat it every day. Many people just eat cereal or toast, or even skip breakfast.

Here are some easy breakfast ideas from the Food Network.