IoE academic hosts international workshop to discuss challenges and benefits that face the million children in UK schools for whom English is not the first language

On 26th and 27th September, Dr Holly Joseph hosted a workshop funded by the British Academy at St John’s College in Oxford, entitled, “Language, literacy and learning in children who speak English as an additional language (EAL)”. The workshop brought together senior academic and early career researchers from across the UK and Europe, united in […]

Coming into the final furlong of your degree? Thought about transforming lives through education? Remembered your alumni discount for further study here?

One of the most attractive career options available to students from almost any discipline is the University of Reading’s own Institute of Education.  With us you have the advantage of your alumni discount; you can explore the many routes to becoming a teacher; discover short courses that convert your knowledge to teaching power; and engage […]

After hurricane devastation on British Virgin Islands, recent IoE MA grad Kimberly George is working to get her school up and running again.

Kimberly George recently returned to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) with her family to take up her new post as head of a high ranking local primary school. Coming home with her MA Education from the Institute of Education, Reading, Kimberly was looking forward to the challenges of her new role. Yet the situation she walked into […]

Join us to explore “Augmented Humanity”

How can we communicate our emotions using robotics technology rather than language? Can we program devices to share our emotions in non-verbal ways effectively? How do these codes then influence communication protocols? We will be using educational robotic devices such as BBC Micro:Bits, Code Bugs and paper circuitry with Chibitronics resources to explore these ideas. […]

IoE academics and Reading Borough Council in innovative drive to improve language in early years children

Reading researchers and educators have been shining a light recently on improving the language of their early years children through engagement with parents, the environment and professional development. In July, Reading Borough Council and the University of Reading celebrated a year-long project in which schools and settings have been closely involved with the breakthrough work. […]

Game over? Dying to talk about death and life

Talking about death is a difficult topic. At these times of uncertainty and unrest, social scientists at the University and elsewhere are contemplating ways of supporting community healing in positive and sensitive ways. To this end, the Institute of Education and Museum of English Rural Life (MERL) will be opening their doors to the public […]

Gaming for peace

Gaming is wildly popular among young people, as teachers, carers and parents would agree, usually with a groan. Now the University of Reading is spinning these preconceptions on their head with an event at their campus that will highlight how computer gaming can actually help education. On 10th November, visitors to the “Playing Peace” event at […]

In our regular series by IoE researchers, Dr Karen Jones explores ‘Perspectives on women and higher education leadership from around the World’

Dr Karen Jones joins the blog to talk about being guest editor of a Special Issue of the journal Administrative Sciences, which brings together a variety of articles to provide perspectives on women and higher education leadership from countries as diverse as India, China, Saudi Arabia, Australia, the United States and the UK. “Putting this […]

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