IT Forum: 4th April 2017

Updates from IT

IT Presentation from Steve Gough on the Windows 10 and Apps Anywhere

Audio Visual

The AV team have funding available to update a number of centrally bookable rooms. They will be publicising the program of works on the AV teaching & learning blog

The team is currently investigating interactive monitors for use in lecture theatres. A demo system will be installed in one room in Palmer – feedback from staff would be useful.

However, the AV team has a limited budget, so will not be able to upgrade everything overnight. In the future, IT is requesting to have a substantial annual budget to allow us to put in place a more coordinated, continual upgrade process for AV equipment installed in classrooms


Results from the survey are being evaluated & used to inform the next phase of the telephony project. Time-scale for this is ~18 months, and is likely to be a gradual phased replacement. It should be noted, that funding for this has not yet been secured.

Questions raised


Can IT recommend tools to use for small surveys? Neil Blanchonnet agreed to put together some information & guidance, in conjunction with Marketing, who need to be informed about any proposed surveys which staff wish to carry out. There is a simple survey tool (Forms) included with the recently released Office 365 offering which is available to all staff.

Many staff also use Bristol On-line Surveys.

Action: Neil Blanchonnet to discuss with MCE & put together guidance.

Sites (Sharepoint in Office 365)

When can staff have access to this feature in Office 365?

IT is current experimenting with Microsoft Teams as part of a small pilot – initially this is just within IT. Teams offers similar functionality to Sites/Sharepoint.

It was suggested that staff/teams outside of IT could join the pilot soon.

Action: IT will report on the status of teams at the next IT-Forum

On-line Training

What is the status of on-line training in areas such as radiation training?

People Development currently have a learning management project in progress to produce a single system to host all on-line training. Health & Safety are involved. The project is currently at the requirements gathering stage.

IT-Help pages

Will these pages be updated, and out of date content removed?

Work is ongoing to update the online documentation. Much of this is being moved into TOPdesk, which will make it easier for users to find information when they submit a ticket.

We are working to identify out of date content and incorrect pages & updating/removing these. Staff finding any such pages should notify IT to help us with this process.