May 2015

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A new public Wi-Fi service has been launched in many places across the UoR intended for general use by guests around the campus. “The Cloud” service is now available in the following locations:

  • Palmer Building
  • Sports Park
  • Whiteknights Library
  • Cedars Hotel
  • Eat at the Square
  • Meadow Suite
  • Henley Business School (Whiteknights)
  • Henley Business School (Greenlands)
  • ICMA Centre
  • Agriculture
  • Great Hall
  • Eat at London Road
  • Students’ Union
  • URE Museum
  • Cole Museum
  • Museum of English Rural Life
  • The Oracle
  • Campus pubs and shops

Temporary public events such as open days and welcome week will also carry “The Cloud”.


The service is available for free to all people using the campus facilities for up to 180 minutes per 24 hour period, after which users can decide to pay for more internet time.

Please be aware that this service is not intended for use by students or staff; who should continue to use the Eduroam service.  Eduroam is already free for staff and students and provides a more secure way to access the Internet.  If students or staff are using the internet for university work then they should always be using Eduroam.

Some users are reporting that their internet enabled devices are automatically connecting to the cloud rather than Eduroam.  If you experience this issue then please go to your connectivity settings on your device and “forget” the new cloud Wi-Fi service.  This will make sure your device is still using the Eduroam service. You may have to do this each time your device comes into contact with TheCloud. If you have any doubts or want further advice then please contact the IT Service Desk on 0118 378 6262.