July 2015

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Please be advised that there is a need for urgent unavoidable works to be carried out in connection with the district heating installation over two nights on Monday 27th July and Tuesday 28th July between 1800 hrs and 0500hrs.   It concerns the data network only and will not interfere with power supplies.

This work may affect all users of the data network.  Everyone should ensure that all of their work has been backed up and should turn off their machines overnight.

There is a risk  that certain buildings  will have no network  connectivity at the start of the working day on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  Should this be the case, then be assured that engineers will already be working to re-establish the network as soon as possible and further updates will be issued as soon as any disruption is identified.

This work on Mon night could potentially affect the network connections to the following buildings:

  • Miller
  • Blandford lodge
  • Archaeology
  • Wager
  • SSE (though this also has a resilient connection to Earley Gate)
  • Engineering
  • Harborne

There is no risk to data centres in IT, London Rd or Greenlands so will not affect access to corporate systems (as long as the user is in a building with a network connection!).

If you experience any issues then please contact our Service Desk on  0118 378 6262 or extension 6262.