November 2015

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The e-mail service was restored to the affected mailboxes at 10.15am this morning

We have been working with suppliers to put in place a work around while we continue to investigate the root cause.

We are continuing to monitor this closely.

Staff email (including Outlook Web Access – OWA Mail) is unavailable for some users.

IT are currently looking into this as their top priority. Check the IT status page for more information If you have any further questions then please contact the Service Desk on 0118 378 6262 or extension 6262.


UPDATE: The Managed Print Service is now back up and running as usual.  

Managed Print Service – slowness and timeouts

IT is aware that some users of the new managed print service have been experiencing inconsistent and slow performance when logging on to the multifunction devices and retrieving print jobs and that the performance was particularly bad this morning.

IT has just increased the system resources allocated to this service and has brought forward a plan to bring additional servers online to improve the operation.

Users should notice significant improvement and consistency in the responsiveness  of the printer/copiers in forthcoming days. Your patience and feedback during these early days of the system rollout across the three campuses has been appreciated.


We have been getting reports of people unknowingly using infected iOS apps on the university network.  We are taking action to the block the malicious traffic within our network, but the apps remain compromised and users are at risk when using any other network.

An effective way to resolve this issue is for people to look at the list of compromised apps and follow the instructions on how to fix them.

If you have any further concerns or queries then please contact the Service Desk on 0118 378 6262.


On the 20th of November we experienced some problems with our telephone system which have now been resolved.

Calls to numbers starting 0118 378 were not getting through.  The switch board was still able to take calls and were able to transfer calls as necessary.

These issues have now been resolved, but for future reference; please contact the switchboard on +44 (0) 118 987 5123 for help and further information.  If you want to check if there is a problem with the phone system online then please refer to the IT status page.



Over the past week there has been an increase in malicious emails being sent to UoR in-boxes.  The malicious emails are disguised as payment notification emails, and have titles such as “Invoice”. The emails are designed to appear similar to emails one may receive at work.  They contain an attachment, normally an Excel Spreadsheet, which infects your computer with a very severe virus that would require your machine to be totally wiped and rebuilt.

To reduce the likelihood of being infected:

  • Remain vigilant when looking at an email.  Do you recognise the sender? Should you be receiving an email around this subject? If no, then you should not open the attachment.
  • If you receive one of these emails then you should delete it. If you have any concerns then you should contact IT on ex 6262 or at
  • Make sure macros are disabled in Excel. If you need to use macros for a spreadsheet then enable it manually after you know for sure the document you are opening is legitimate.

If you are working with sensitive and confidential documents then you must take extra care when screening emails.  The university has a comprehensive spam filter that blocks hundreds of thousands of spam emails a week but we are still seeing a few cases of these emails coming in.

If you want further information regarding this issue then please contact




All issues with the phone lines and website have now been resolved.  All functionality is back to normal.  

IT staff are meeting to discuss lessons learned and ways to improve for future incidents.

(Information below is now out of date but will be kept for future reference)


Last night we encountered some infrastructure issues that affected the UoR websites which have now been resolved.  This was isolated to mainly the staff and student portals.  We have now resolved the issue and the websites are back up and running.

A side effect of this infrastructure issue was that email was running slowly.  Now that the issue is resolved email should be back to working normally, however some users may find their in-boxes running slowly as the backlog of email is cleared


A separate external issue has meant that the phone lines in the UoR are not working. External to internal AND internal to external calls are currently not working.  Internal to internal phone calls are still working correctly (using extensions).  The issues is being worked on currently.

Check here and the UoR twitter feed (@UniRdg_ITS) for current updates.



We are aware there may have been some email delivery issues and queued mail on Sunday for which we apologise. This had an impact on a low number of staff mailboxes.

We had some issues with one of the mailbox databases running out of space over the weekend. Our alerting system picked this up and we were able to remedy it on Sunday evening.