September 2016

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The new version of macOS 10.12 “Sierra”, released today, introduces changes that impact many non-United States regions and locales. These changes are not currently compatible with any version of MATLAB. We recommend that you learn more on and do not upgrade to macOS 10.12 at this time if you are impacted.

Please contact MathWorks Support with any questions.


Dear staff and students,

IT has updated the information on software provided for staff and students and put this into one place. The Software Store – Here you will find details of all of our site licensed software as well as links to other commercial offerings, such as Microsoft Office 365. Most of these packages can be used for free by staff and students for academic purposes. Please see the store for further details.

Coming soon – these applications and more, on App-J, our Application Jukebox.

If you have any further questions, please contact the IT Service Desk, either via the Self Service Portal (, email (, or phone (6262).