15:00 10/11/16 Application Jukebox – free access to software – available now!


IT is pleased to announce the ‘beta’-launch of its new application deployment service, App-J. App-J allows applications to be streamed and cached without full installation and will transform the way students and staff access University software. We are providing this service as a direct consequence of a request from student representatives.

As a first stage, App-J has been deployed specifically to centrally-booked PC labs and classrooms. This alone will greatly expand access to the key teaching applications by making applications available in all locations, including the Library. Further stages will make eligible software available even wider, including to personal PCs and laptops, on and off campus.

As a beta, we are seeking to ensure the service is robust, highly available and to iron out any last remaining problems. We encourage you to help us by providing feedback, particularly if you experience any problems. We do advise you that during this phase App-J will not necessarily have the warranty we expect of our services. IT continues to assure teaching and learning by using existing deployment methods in parallel.

To access App-J in a centrally-booked lab, please visit the Appstore – https://appstore.reading.ac.uk/

More details and instructions can be found at http://softwarestore.reading.ac.uk/app-j

Please share this message widely with students and staff. Issues should be reported to the IT Service Desk in the normal way, who are fully briefed on the development. IT Contacts should feel free to discuss this with their IT Business Partner.