OneDrive – Free 1TB of cloud storage for all staff and students

IT is providing everyone at the University of Reading with free 1TB cloud storage. Never lose your work files again!

What is it?

OneDrive for Business is a managed cloud storage that allows users to store and share files and folders online. This means that instead of that file sitting on your computer it is held on a server elsewhere, meaning your work is more secure and at less risk to cyber criminals. If someone gets access to your computer then those files are safe and secure on a server elsewhere, protected by Microsoft’s robust server system.

Where to get it

Simply login to Office 365 to gain access to OneDrive for Business:


Useful Links/Guides

Microsoft has provided some user guides to help you get up and running with OneDrive for Business:

Use of OneDrive

Ensure there are no contractual restrictions on use of Cloud Storage for the work you wish to store in One Drive. Use OneDrive for collaboration but be mindful that any documents used by a team will need to be moved should the owner of the document leave. Please read the University of Reading’s usage requirements regarding OneDrive.


Microsoft has a comprehensive support section on their website which will answer most questions and queries.  If not, please use the IT Self Service Portal or call 0118 378 6262.