5 security experts you need to be following on Twitter

As computers become exponentially more involved in our everyday working lives, security is an increasing concern.

It’s therefore essential for security conscious individuals to keep up to date with the latest news and trends. Twitter has emerged as an excellent way of doing this. By following a subsection of the biggest influencers in security, you can stay on top of the industry and any pressing developments — which is why we’ve compiled this list. Next to each recommended account, we’ve given a brief bio and explained what it is they Tweet about.

The List:

1. @mckeay is a Security Expert and Blogger who is very active on Twitter, his longstanding blog and his podcast. He tends to tweet about cybercrime, with a fair bit of security-based humour thrown in for good measure.

2. @gcluley has been working as a Security Expert since the 90s. A prolific Twitter user, Culey shares lots of industry news and articles of interest.

3. @thegrugq is an independent Information Security Consultant and Anti-Forensics Researcher. The Grugq has worked with Fortune 100 companies, leading information security firms, innovative start-ups and the public sector. The Grugq’s tweets are wide ranging: from the funny to the highly technical.

4. @Luis_Corrons has worked as Technical Director for PandaLabs since 1999. He’s a WildList reporter and sits on the AMTSO Board of Directors too. He shares a mixture of helpful security advice, his thoughts on the Panda Security blog and more.

5. @mikko has received many accolades, among them being voted one of the 50 most important people on the web by PC world magazine. @mikk is often a keynote speaker and has spoken for TED and Google. His tweets are wide ranging and occasionally technical. He shares lots of articles from the F-secure blog, where he has worked since 1999.