August 2017

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Staff who have a paid for Dropbox account associated with their UoR email have been receiving a planned and approved email from Dropbox Business asking for their details so they can be contacted when this service is available.

There have been some queries as to the legitimacy of this email – it is not spam. Please respond to this email as you wish.

The email is from Alex Stewart who is the Dropbox Education Territory Manager over at Dropbox Business.

It looks like this:

Hi xxxxx,

I’m a member of the UK Dropbox Education team and we’ve been working with your colleague Ryan Kennedy from the Academic Computing Team over the past five months.

Ryan & the team are finalising plans to deploy Dropbox Business across the university. As an existing Dropbox user, sharing your perspective will help. If you choose to respond to this email, providing your name and email address we can share this information with Ryan alongside your interest to upgrade to Dropbox Business. Alternatively, you can reach out to Ryan ( directly to express your interest.

Please note that we haven’t shared your current Dropbox account information or any other personally identifying information with The University of Reading’s IT department.

Kind Regards,

Alex Stewart
Dropbox Education Territory Manager

If you receive emails you are unsure about then do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff will be happy to verify the legitimacy of the concerning email.

Contact IT for help regarding emails.

We are aware of issues with some group e-mail accounts where non-delivery reports are being received.

Error message are of the form;

“Delivery has failed to these recipients or group…”

We have identified the cause of this problem and are currently working to fix. We expect the majority of these to be fixed by 13:30 today, and all work completed by the end of the day.

If you are still receiving errors, please report these to the service desk.