User Account Management Phase II Go-live! Dates and details.

Following on from the launch of the new user account management process last year for staff and externals, we will be launching Phase II of the project providing the same process for student accounts this month. This will improve the user account creation processes bringing it in line with those for staff and ensure consistency across the systems.

The key dates are:

  • Wednesday 15th November. Preparation for implementation begins with the final run of existing processes today.  We will not be able to accept request for new student, staff or external accounts after today until the implementation is complete.
  • Thursday 16th November. The MyId system will be taken offline from  5pm on Thursday evening until after the implementation is complete.  The final scheduled run of Staff and External accounts, until after the implementation is complete, will be run. We will not be able to accept requests for new class or group accounts after today until the implementation is complete
  • Friday 17th November. The technical implementation begins and will continue over the weekend. Account processes will be suspended during this time except for password resets on live accounts.   For assistance with password resets contact the IT Service desk through the TopDesk system..
  • Wednesday 22nd November. Services become available again. If we are able to restore services sooner then we will..

While we have done several months of testing, the implementation will take this long because of the complexity of the processes and the checks that need to take place to ensure that the data is correct and that all student accounts are transferred to the new system.

This implementation is the result of a number of years work planning and testing systems and processes. It is a major piece of work and affects a number of different systems across the University, such as SITS, Blackboard and Office365. We do appreciate that this will cause some disruption and we will do what we can to minimise the impact that this change has. Thanks in advance for bearing with us.