February 9, 2018

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Yesterday evening we had a major network incident affecting the whole campus.

At approximately 16:45 we had a failure on one of our firewalls, a key part of our network infrastructure which controls traffic to and from the internet.

This failure prevented all network access outside of campus

We put in place a temporary workaround which enabled us to get the vast majority of network services operational again by 17:35. There are still some isolated issues in some areas, which we are working to resolve. We will be contacting the affected areas directly.

We are working with our vendor to diagnose root cause to enable us to fully resolve this issue, and return all network services back to a fully resilient position.

A big thanks go to the Infrastructure Services team for reacting so quickly and restoring services – many of the team continued working late into the evening.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Note, the failure of the firewall did not expose the University to any security threats.

It is being reported that there are some issues today with the Office365 service from Microsoft impacting some staff and students.

Impacted services;

  • OneDrive – opening files in web access
  • Calendars – If your mailbox is on Exchange online you may not be able to see others calendars and others yours
  • E-mail – Some outlook visibility differences may be present such as black scroll bars.
  • Office Online – opening of web versions of word or excel for example may fail.
  • Teams – some functionality such as OneNote access of offline

Microsoft are working to resolve this as quickly as possible.

Apologies for any inconvenience cause by this.