15:00 09/10/18 Previous Network Incident

On 5th October 2018 we experienced a loss of network connectivity to the RUSU building, which also affected the connection providing Wi-FI Connectivity to the Open Day dome. Working on the Friday night and on Saturday morning, IT and the Estates team were able to restore connections and restore a full service 

At approximately 6:30pm on 5th October, there was an issue that caused an interruption to service between network cabinets in Black Horse House – we know this is a fault with the cabling within the building (“structured cabling”), but the root cause is still being identified.  

This caused an outage at RUSU that affected all network services, including Wi-Fi and the tills. Taking place on the evening of the Fresher’s Ball this casued a substantial impact, and RUSU was unable to accept card payments. The IT networks team responded but were unable to implement a fix. They left at 11:30pm. 

On Saturday (University Open Day) it was identified that this would also have an impact on the Open Day Dome. Some connectivity via leakage from buildings was possible and IT were able to improve this. Working closely with Estates, a new connection direct from the IT datacentre to RUSU was brought into service. This new connection had only been completed on the Friday and was due to be made live shortly. This restored service to RUSU at about 1.30 pm and boosted the signal to the dome. 

Thanks to members of IT and Estates for giving up their Friday nights and Saturdays to fix this.