13:45 29/11/18 – Scam email warning – ‘Are you on campus’

IT have been receiving reports of a new scam/phishing email coming into University staff inboxes.

The scam email is designed to make the person who receives it believe that a senior member of staff is contacting them.  If you reply to the email it will send a new email with harmful links that could damage your work and computer and may make your private details vulnerable. Do not open or reply to this email.

This email has affected other institutions including Universities in America and has been reported on the mainstream news.

If you are concerned about this email or other similar emails then please call ex.6262 or go to reading.ac.uk/it

For tips on keeping yourself and your information safe online, visit the IT web page on PC Security.

From: ‘xxxxxx’ <‘xxxxxxxx’@gmail.com>
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2018 10:31 am
To: ‘xxxxxxxxxxxx’
Subject: Are you on campus


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