09:30 23/04/19 Issue with eduroam

UPDATE: We have now fixed the problem for a majority of people. If you are still unable to connect, then:

  1. Restart your device (this fixes the problem in a lot of cases)
  2. If that does not work then; go to wifi.reading.ac.uk and follow the instructions on connecting to eduroam.*

If neither of the above solutions work then please contact the IT Service Desk using the IT Self Service Portal or calling x6262.

*If you have no internet connection in order to connect to wifi.reading.ac.uk, then follow the instructions below to connect:

On your device, select ‘UoR-Setup’ and connect using the password ‘ConnectMe’. This gives you the ability to access wifi.reading.ac.uk but no other websites.

UPDATE: We have now identified the cause of the problem and are currently implementing a solution. We will have a further update later this morning.

The Service Desk is currently experiencing a high number of calls regarding this issue. If you want to report the problem then please consider using the IT Self Service Portal.

We have had multiple reports of people being unable to connect to eduroam this morning. This is not affecting everyone and there are separate reports of people being able to connect as usual to eduroam.

We have identified the problem and the IT department is currently working on a fix. The Critical Incident team will meet for a second time at 10 am, when will have a further update.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.