16/10/19 Critical Incident – Storage (Website, NDrive, Collab Shares)

Services largely restored. Still some users unable to access N:drives. IT staff will be working this evening to resolve these issues, and aim to get everything back online for tomorrow morning.

Further updates will be provided tomorrow morning.

All services are now back up and running as normal but are considered ‘at risk’ while we monitor them.

We are having ongoing issues with our storage services which is affecting multiple services, including;

  • N:Drives and Collaborative fileshares
  • Web sites, including blogs
  • Inbound email from off site (internal e-mail, and outgoing e-mail is unaffected)
  • Mailman lists

Issues first occurred from 14:10 this afternoon.

We’re currently working with our storage supplier to get services back online as quickly as possible, and to identify and resolve the root cause of these problems.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Further updates will be provided later this afternoon.