July 7, 2021

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We are very pleased to confirm that Microsoft have released a patch to fix their security vulnerability in printing services, this was released late last night. This is a worldwide issue affecting all Windows devices, and we know other universities that are also affected by Microsoft’s issue.



What do you need to do?


Our teams have prioritised implementing this fix, and have been able to test and add the vital security patch to our University’s Software Center. This fix has already begun to be pushed out to all University PCs that are switched on and on the network, and these will be forced to reboot to allow the patch to work. Our technical teams are visiting PCs in the Library, teaching and learning rooms and PC labs to ensure these are up to date.


For our colleagues working on a UoR device off-campus, you will need to connect to the University’s VPN and run all software and security updates pending in the Software Center, instructions can be found on our Self Service Portal. Because of the number of connections to the VPN expected, we would recommend that you connect and run these updates at the end of your working day. Please remember to disconnect from the VPN after you have completed the updates.





Our print servers will remain disabled at this stage, and as such you will still be unable to print until these are restarted.


Since yesterday, we have taken exceptional measures to support critical business areas, including Campus Commerce and the University Postal Services. We would ask that if you require urgent printing capability, based on exceptional legal requirements, please contact the IT Service Desk citing this email. They will be able to escalate this appropriately for you.



Many thanks for the extraordinary patience shown. We have not taken this decision lightly, and have acted to ensure the safety of our network and our University community.