UPDATE:  We have fixed this issue and the password service is operating as normal.

We worked with Microsoft on this as a priority and were able to get everything running smoothly once we had identified the problem with them.

Any new password submitted while the service was having issues will now work.

We are currently experiences issues with ‘password syncing’. This mainly affects new members of staff who have to change their password at first log-in but also members of staff who attempt to change passwords on Campus. Attempting to reset your password will not work, even if the on screen instructions say otherwise.

It prevents new members of staff access to Outlook and UoRLearn. Colleagues in IT are working together with Microsoft to have this issue resolved as soon as possible. We will provide a further update as soon this is issue is resolved.

Our advice to staff is to refrain from resetting their password until further notice. If you have any questions regarding this please contact the IT Service Desk.

We recently experienced a power outage at 12:15pm that affected our storage which resulted some services being unavailable.

We are working to bring back all affected services and hope to achieve this as soon as possible. If you are still experiencing  problems accessing a particular service please contact the IT Service Desk.

Please accept our apologies for the disruption this has caused.




Phone issues

The fix we implemented at 3:30 was successful and the intermittent call issues are resolved. We will monitor the service to make sure it continues to be available.

We have identified the problem causing the intermittent phone issues and are will be implementing a fix at 3:30pm. Please be aware that this will cause phone-calls to be unavailable for 5 minutes. Any calls in progress will be dropped. However, phone services should return to normal after 5 minutes.

We have identified a possible solution to fix this intermittent phone issue and are working on implementing it with our supplier. We will update you as soon as we have further information.

We are currently working with our supplier to get this fixed as soon as possible. We will have a further update at 2pm.

We are aware of a problem affecting some calls out of the University today.

There are issues with making external calls and calls from campus to campus.

Internal calls (from the same campus) and inbound calls are still working.

We are working to fix this as soon as possible and will provide a further update later today.

We are taking part in Movember!

Movember is the leading charity changing the face of men’s health, and this Movember DTS are joining them. Together we can make a difference for men’s health – in prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. Help to stop men dying too young.

https://moteam.co/uor-dts DTS Movember Crew are raising funds and awareness this Movember for all the dads, brothers, sons and mates in our lives.

Would you please share our message.

This a reminder of the previous message on the 9th of October:


We are making a change to how students log in to some University services.

From the 5 November you will have to use your University username plus ‘@student.reading.ac.uk’ to log in to University services that have a Microsoft branded login page (Email, OneDrive for Business etc.).

Due to this change, you will need to set-up some security details the next time you login in order to verify your account in the future.

What is changing?

When logging in to University services people used a variety of usernames to login. You will now only use your ‘username’ + ‘@student.reading.ac.uk’.

New way

  1. Enter your username (ab123456) plus ‘@student.reading.ac.uk’ added afterwards. For example: ab123456@student.reading.ac.uk
  2. Enter your password

How will this look in practice?

1. Go to a University service with a Microsoft branded login page (Email, OneDrive for Business etc.)

2. At this login screen enter your username plus ‘@student.reading.ac.uk’

3. You will be redirected to a University of Reading branded login page. Enter the same details as on the previous screen.

4. The first time you do this you will be prompted to set-up some security details.

5. You will now be taken to the service.

When is this changing?

This change will happen on 5th November. However, there will be a 2 month period where other formats of usernames will still work to avoid disruption.

Need assistance or have a question?

Contact the IT Service Desk on x6262, reading.ac.uk/it or it@reading.ac.uk where our friendly staff are always happy to help.

Storage issue

On the 19th of October we experienced an issue with our storage service which affected the following services:

  • N:Drives and Collaborative fileshares
  • Web sites, including blogs
  • Inbound email from off site (internal e-mail, and outgoing e-mail is unaffected)
  • Mailman lists

The supplier of the storage has identified a problem with their software which causes the system to intermittently fail which had led to the unpredictable, occasional outages we have been experiencing. Now we have identified the root cause of these outages we can move onto resolving the issue with supplier in order to improve resilience.


The supplier, Nexenta, are now working on a patch to fix the problem, which is currently being tested and will be available later in November. As soon as this update is available we will work with Nexenta to test and implement the update on our storage system. In the meantime we will continue to closely monitor the services. Until the full fix is available we have put in place a temporary work-around to help keep things running smoothly in the meantime.

The issue has been resolved, and N: drives are available again.

We are continuing to monitor, and have been working with the supplier of the storage to find a long term resolution to improve the reliability of the N: drive going forward.

Apologies again for any inconvenience caused.

N: Drives are currently unavailable – we’re currently working to fix this as quickly as possible.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. We will provide further updates later this morning.

We have been receiving reports of a recent spam email making it into University inboxes. The email claims that you have a voicemail and asks you to click on a link to listen to it. The message has the subject line “NEW VOICE MESSAGE”.

Do not open this email, click on any links or open any attachments as it could damage your work and computer and may make your private details vulnerable.

If you are concerned about this email or other similar emails then please call ex.6262 or go to reading.ac.uk/it

If you are a member of staff whose students are reporting this to you we strongly recommend that they change their password via the https://password.reading.ac.uk website.

If you go to https://password.reading.ac.uk/reset/ you can reset your password; provided that you know your University Username, Student Number and PIN. These can be obtained by filling out the form at https://password.reading.ac.uk/reminder.

For tips on keeping yourself and your information safe online, visit the IT web page on Cyber Security.

At 6pm on Monday 28th October the University phones will be out of service for up to 2 hours. This will affect all land-lines on both the Whiteknights & London Road campuses.

This is so that equipment that has been configured and tested can be linked into the telephone system ready for the porting of numbers onto the new SIP lines from Vodafone.  These couple of hours will include the physical plugging work and testing that nothing has been affected.

During this time outbound calls will only be available on mobile and inbound direct calls will not work.  Nor will the lift phones or alarm systems.  Cash tills and refuge call points will not be affected.  Inbound calls to the switchboard will work and access the IVR system which will give access to Security for emergency calls.

If you have any queries about this work or the outage please email unified-communications@reading.ac.uk.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused during this essential work.

All telephone services at the Greenlands campus are now available and running as usual, however, we will monitor them to ensure they continue working.

We apologies for the disruption this has caused.

We are unfortunately still experiencing telephone issues at Greenlands, this originated with a change that our provider made on the Greenlands campus, this is however now due to an outage with them;

It affects incoming calls; note incoming calls from devices on the Vodafone network are not affected – we have been assured they are doing everything to resolve this as soon as possible.

Please be aware that you are able to make internal calls between all campuses and make outgoing calls to all numbers.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

Please be advised that we are still experiencing problems with the telephone lines at Greenlands. At this moment you can only reach Greenlands telephone dialling from a Vodafone mobile. Calls from landlines, O2, 3 or EE will not work.

Vodafone engineers are currently resolving the issue.

We are aware that there are intermittent telephone issues at Greenlands, affecting both internal and external calls.

We have engineers onsite and believe that the fault has been fixed, there may continue to be intermittent problems while it stabilises. We will continue to monitor the situation.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

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