Developing academic identity and communicating your research

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The group discussions will continue every Tuesday at 11:00-12:00, as an online get-together/webinar. Each discussion will focus on a topic related to doing research.
Today Tuesday 21.4.20 we will focus on perfectionism. To join use this link

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Developing academic identity and communicating your research

At first, it may feel rather challenging to approach other academics and professionals, particularly when starting to explore your chosen subject.

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Communicating with your supervisor

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The Keep fit for your studies group discussions have gone online.
You can join the “Keep fit for your studies” online get-together taking place every Tuesday, at 11:00-12:00.
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During your doctoral research, and particularly in the early stages, it is common to have many questions about the direction in which to develop your research.

Communicating effectively with your supervisor/s is an essential aspect of your academic research as they will guide you and help to clarify your thinking.

Many find it challenging to present their doubts to their supervisors, for fear of being perceived as not good enough to do doctoral level work. Alternatively, they may find it hard to present their drafts worrying they might receive negative feedback.
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