Dear Doctoral researcher,

I am Alicia and I am working with the Graduate School to provide you with information on topics such as how to increase productivity, motivation, concentration and memory, as well as managing academic pressure, improving sleep and strengthening resilience to cope with the challenges of your doctoral research.

The aim is to cover a range of topics about the learning process and personal development to build academic confidence and resilience while maintaining your health and wellness. The aim is to increase understanding of what are the factors that contribute to effective learning and self-management, and provide strategies to add to your toolkit so you can optimise your academic potential and derive a sense of fulfilment from achieving your aims.

You can let me know about what specific topics you are interested in by completing this short survey.   I will provide responses to your questions (where possible), or signpost to appropriate resources and services.  Also, I will ask relevant academic and support staff for their advice and suggestions on how to manage some of the issues that you raise, and which are likely to be relevant to most of you during your research and writing up your thesis.
I will categorise the blog posts so that it makes it easier to identify the topic (eg. productivity, wellness, sciences, humanities, etc.).

These topics will be covered in the group discussion, so why not drop in and participate in the discussion? It is a space where you can meet other Doctoral researchers and find out about ideas an strategies that can benefit your studies as well as maintain your strengths and motivation during your research.
The weekly group discussion, is held in the Graduate School every Tuesday (11am-12pm, room G12). There is no need to book, just come along and join in.

I am a Chartered Counselling Psychologist, and an Occupational Psychologist. I was Head of Student Wellbeing until August 2017. Currently I am working as a Wellness Consultant and in this role I am responsible for running the Life Tools programme here at the university, collaborating with colleagues in the Student Services.

Dr Alicia Peña Bizama, C.Psychol, AFBPsS
Wellness Consultant
Life Tools Service Lead
tudent Wellbeing Services
Carrington Building, Second Floor, room 207 m.a.penabizama@reading.ac.uk