Local firm strengthens links with the School of Law

A local divorce solicitors’ firm, Tony Roe Solicitors, continues to build on its existing links with the University of Reading with a series of visits to students. Last week, the School of Law welcomed Mr Roe once again to talk with the final year Family Law students. Only days away from final exams, the students worked on a practical family law problem aimed at building on their existing knowledge posed by the local divorce solicitor. They had to analyse a detailed case study and come up with their suggested order for a fictional couple. One student, Hettie Dunkley, commented, “The lecture was really helpful and well received”.

Tony Roe said, “It is a great privilege to be invited by the School of Law to talk to the students. Local businesses get a lot out of working with the University staff and I would encourage more to do so. I continue to be impressed by the commitment of the staff and the performance of the students”.

Dr Thérèse Callus, Senior Lecturer in Law said, “We are delighted that our students can benefit from the breadth of Tony’s practical experience and enthusiasm, which helps to put their learning into context.  His session this year was most timely as the students prepare for their final examinations”

In addition to giving these talks to students, the firm gives an annual prize for the best performance in the Family law final examination.