Analysis of the judgement on the ESIL Migration and Refugee Law Interest Group Blog

On 16 September, Israel’s Supreme Court sitting as a High Court of Justice unanimously struck down legislation that mandated lengthy detention of asylum seekers, deeming it unconstitutional.

Dr. Reuven (Ruvi) Ziegler has posted an analysis of the judgement on the ESIL Migration and Refugee Law Interest Group Blog ( and the Israel Democracy Institute’s webpage (

The Liberal Way of War: Legal Perspectives

In June 2008, the University of Reading’s ‘The Liberal Way of War’ application was successful in a national competition for a large-scale Leverhulme Trust Programme Award to study ‘Security and Liberty’ (2008-2013). This project has involved interdisciplinary collaboration by over a dozen co-investigators and doctoral students from Law, Politics & International Relations, History and Modern Languages & European Studies.

The School of Law is pleased to announce the publication of its own unique contribution to this project: ‘The Liberal Way of War: Legal Perspectives’, published by Dartmouth in September 2013 and edited by Dr Robert Barnidge (a former member of the School of Law) who contributed an Introduction. Professor Sandy Ghandhi also contributed a chapter as did many other distinguished academics including our Professor Susan Breau and Professors Malcolm Evans (University of Bristol), Colin Harvey (Queen’s University Belfast) and Craig Barker (University of Sussex).

Axis of Protection: Human Rights in International Law

You are kindly invited to the inaugural meeting of the ‘Axis of Protection: Human Rights in International Law’ Joint Seminar Series.

The series, jointly convened with colleagues at Oxford University and Exeter University, will provide an opportunity for scholars to engage in discussion of contemporary and challenging issues concerning the protection of human rights in international law with emphasis on human rights law, international humanitarian law, and international refugee law.

Meetings will alternate each term between the three host institutions. The Autumn term meeting will be held at Reading.

Date and time: 5 November 2013 (Tuesday of Week 5), 1600-1800

Speaker: Dr. Jure Vidmar (St John’s College, Oxford)

Respondent: Professor Bert Lockwood

Chair: Dr. Ruvi Ziegler

Venue: Foxhill G03

Refreshments will be available