Executive Education in International Cyber Law led by Professor Mike Schmitt

The University of Reading Law School now offers an Executive Education in International Cyber Law program for government officials from around the world. The week-long seminars, which are led by Professor Mike Schmitt (who recently joined the Law School), explore how international law applies in the cyber context during both peace and war. They are designed to equip officials to both deal with major cyber incidents and develop their own national legal policies and strategies. Participants come from ministries of foreign affairs and defence, attorney general offices, the armed forces, law enforcement agencies, and cyber agencies.

These seminars are sponsored by the governments of the Netherlands, Australia, Singapore, United States, Canada, and United Kingdom, as well as the Organization of American States and Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Most are regionally oriented so as to facilitate cooperative responses to hostile cyber operations from States and non-State actors. This year, depending on travel restrictions, the program will be offered in Vietnam, Singapore, Fiji, Austria, Albania, Germany, Argentina, Peru and a number of “to be determined” locations.