Celebrating 40 years of Reading Law graduates

The reception in the Churchill rooms to celebrate 40 years of Reading law graduates

On the evening of Thursday 7 September over 90 Reading alumni, guests, staff and student representatives met to celebrate 40 years of Reading law graduates. The alumni present included eight of the first graduates, all of whom successfully entered one or other branch of the legal profession.

Alumni ranged from the 1977 graduates to those who graduated in 2015. It was clear by the volume in the room that old friendships were frequently renewed to the delight of all concerned. Students and recent graduates were able to talk to those whose memory of the School of Law were portacabins behind the URS building rather than the more imposing Foxhill House.

Six of the first Reading law graduates from 1977

A common theme in conversation was how friendly and supportive the School was, and still is, to its students. The reception was honoured to be addressed by His Honour Sir Robin Knowles CBE, a High Court Judge and a long standing supporter of the Bar Pro Bono Unit. Sir Robin in his address focused on the importance of JUSTICE and its vision of fair, accessible and efficient legal processes, in which the individual’s rights are protected, and which reflect the country’s international reputation for upholding and promoting the rule of law. He commended the School of Law for its commitment to encourage law students to become involved in pro bono activities, and expressed the hope that organisations like JUSTICE and the School of Law could assist in achieving the goal of strengthening the justice system in the United Kingdom. Professor Susan Breau, Head of the School of Law, thanked alumni for their support of the School and invited them to continue to do so in particular in the implementations of the proposed reforms to the profession. She also officially launched the Patricia Leopold Fund, named after Emerita Professor Leopold and established to support and encourage pro bono, co-curricular activities and work experience by law students. Emerita Patricia Leopold concluded by thanking the speakers and all who attended and encouraged alumni to ‘keep in touch’.

The University is grateful to alumnus Michael Hatchard for his support of the event and Robert Jennick MP for making it possible to hold the event in the wonderful location of the Churchill Rooms.

Reading Hosts University of Hertfordshire and Blackstone’s National Criminal Advocacy Competition 2015 Round 2


From right to left: University of Leicester team (Robert Quartly and Sefki Bayram), Judge Johannah Cutts QC and University of Reading team (Mark Jenkins and David Tan)


On Wednesday 29th April 2015 the School of Law hosted the second round of the UH/Blackstone’s National Criminal Advocacy Competition against the University of Leicester. Finalist Mark Jenkins and first year student David Tan acted as prosecutors examining and cross-examining the complainant (marvelously played by first year student Ruth Cottington-Bray) and defendant (exquisitely played by Dr Nicholas Roberts) in the case of  R v Webber against the defence team (final year students Sefki Bayram and Robert Quartly). Judge Johannah Cutts QC of Reading Crown Court decided the case and provided detailed feedback to the competitors on their individual performances. As the competition is based on a calculation of scores, rather than a knock-out basis, we will find out in due course whether Mark and David have made it through to the semi-final round.

The Annual Law Lecture 2015: The Art of the Possible by Professor Elizabeth Cooke took place on 9th March 2015

The Annual Law Lecture 2015 took place on 9 March 2015 and was given by Professor Elizabeth Cooke, a Law Commissioner for England and Wales.  In her fascinating lecture, ‘The art of the possible: The Law Commission and the mystery of non-political law reform’ she shared with us some of the challenges and frustrations encountered in that role, and reflected on the nature of non-political, independent law reform, as well as entertaining us with amusing anecdotes.


‘The Law in These Parts’ – film Screening and panel discussion Thursday, 27 February, 1600-1900, in HumSS, G25

‘The Law in These Parts’ – film Screening and panel discussion Thursday, 27 February, 1600-1900, in HumSS, G25

Panelists: Professor Susan Breau (School of Law), Dr. James Green (School of Law), Dr. Christina Hellmich (International Relations), Dr. Lisa Purse (Film, Theatre and Television) Chair and Moderator: Dr. Reuven (Ruvi) Ziegler (School of Law) This revealing documentary investigates the justice of the legal system in the Occupied Palestinian Territories through interviews with the architects of this military legal system juxtaposed with historical footage.

‘The Law In These Parts’ has won the World Cinema Grand Jury Prize in Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival (2012), the Special Jury Prize in the International Feature Competition at Hot Docs Festival in Canada (2012), and the Special Jury Award in the Full Frame Documentary Festival (2012). Trailer

Health and Safety regulation: ‘Red tape’ or ‘thin blue line’?

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Health and Safety regulation: ‘Red tape’ or ‘thin blue line’?

Professor Paul Almond, School of Law


Health and safety regulation has never had a higher or more unfavourable public profile than it does now, with newspapers printing stories of ‘health and safety gone mad’, and politicians arguing for ‘red tape’ to be cut. But at the same time we, the public, have never been more concerned about policing risks to our health and wellbeing, and ensuring accountability when things go wrong. So why do these two very different views of ‘health and safety’ exist side by side? And which version should we believe in?

Find out more about the lecture and the series: http://www.reading.ac.uk/publiclectures

Workshop: How to Write a Proposal for PhD and Funding


How to Write a Proposal for PhD and Funding
Tuesday, 10 December , 10am-1pm

The School of Law at the University of Reading is hosting a workshop designed to assist
prospective Law School PhD applicants in writing research proposals for entry to
doctoral programmes and for studentship funding.
This is a small group workshop and places are limited. To apply for a place please send a
draft research proposal (400–600 words), a CV, and a short statement outlining your
PhD and career plans to the Law School’s PGR Director, Dr Ioannis Glinavos:

Closing date for applications: 01.12.2013 Selected candidates will be notified by email.
Applicants with interests in the following areas are especially welcome: Competition
Law, Energy Law, Law and Economics, Criminal Justice & Criminology, European Law,
Family Law, Human Rights, Legal History, Media Law, Medical Law, Terrorism &
Security, Gender & Sexuality, Race-Religion & Law.

The School of Law at Reading is consistently ranked among the top UK Law Schools
for teaching and research. A range of University of Reading and externally funded
studentships are open to the School’s PhD candidates.

For inquiries, contact:
Dr Ioannis Glinavos

Research Seminar Series 2013-2014

‘Twisting Tort: Deconstructing Public Policy Debates on Personal Injury Compensation’  Annette Morris, Cardiff Law School. 27 November 2013, 12:30-14:00, G.03


Who decides health outcomes? Analysing the concept of ‘legitimation’ through representation in global health institutions, Dr Sharifa Sekalala, Research Fellow, University of Warwick 22 January 2014, 12:30-14:00, G.03.

‘Governance of pharmaceutical knowledge: a human rights perspective’, Professor Trudo Lemmens, Scholl Chair in Health law and Policy, University of Toronto, and Visiting professor, HeLEX Centre, University of Oxford, 28 November 2012, 12:30-14:00

Axis of Protection: Human Rights in International Law

You are kindly invited to the inaugural meeting of the ‘Axis of Protection: Human Rights in International Law’ Joint Seminar Series.

The series, jointly convened with colleagues at Oxford University and Exeter University, will provide an opportunity for scholars to engage in discussion of contemporary and challenging issues concerning the protection of human rights in international law with emphasis on human rights law, international humanitarian law, and international refugee law.

Meetings will alternate each term between the three host institutions. The Autumn term meeting will be held at Reading.

Date and time: 5 November 2013 (Tuesday of Week 5), 1600-1800

Speaker: Dr. Jure Vidmar (St John’s College, Oxford)

Respondent: Professor Bert Lockwood

Chair: Dr. Ruvi Ziegler

Venue: Foxhill G03

Refreshments will be available

RSVP: r.ziegler@reading.ac.uk

Research Seminar Series 2012-2013

The School of Law hosts a research seminar series, where invited speakers present works-in-progress. Our series is open to both members of the University and the wider community

‘Governance of pharmaceutical knowledge: a human rights perspective’, Professor Trudo Lemmens, Scholl Chair in Health law and Policy, University of Toronto, and Visiting professor, HeLEX Centre, University of Oxford, 28 November 2012, 12:30-14:00

‘When is “Good” Good Enough? The Online Distribution of Copyright Works and Copyright Exhaustion’, Professor Pascale Chapdelaine, Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto, Canada, 12 December 2012, 12:30-14:00

‘Between Coercion and Deception: Rape by Deception in respect to the Perpetrator’s Identity’, Dr Amit Pundik, Tel Aviv University, Israel, 30 January 2013, 12:30-14:00

‘Bordering Rights: Border Policy and the Discourse of Irregularity’, Dr Efrat Arbel, SJD, Harvard Law School Postdoctoral Fellow, University of British Columbia Faculty of Law, Canada, 13 February 2013, 12:00-13:30

‘The 2012 ILA Sofia Guiding Statements on the Judicial Elaboration of Sustainable Development: A Pilgrim’s Progress or Fiddling while Rome Burns?’, Professor Duncan French, Head of Lincoln Law School & Professor of International Law, University of Lincoln, 13 March 2013, 12:30-14:00

Research Seminars Series

Annual Law Lecture

We are delighted to announce that Sir Simon Gass, NATO’s senior civilian representative in Afghanistan, and Reading law graduate, will be giving the 2013 Law Lecture, entitled  Afghanistan and the Pottery Barn principle: You break it you own it.

Henley Business School,
Whiteknights Campus
22 January 2013
Doors open from 6.15 pm.

Booking is essential.

For more details please contact   events@reading.ac.uk

Annual Law Lecture