Dr Peter Coe’s monograph, Media Freedom in the Age of Citizen Journalism, has been published by Edward Elgar.

In this book, Peter interrogates how the internet and social media have enabled citizen journalism to flourish, and what this means for the traditional institutional press, the public sphere, media freedom, and press regulation. He argues that the law’s treatment of media freedom as a concept needs to be modernised, as citizen journalists are operating as media, but are not recognised as such. To facilitate this modernisation, he advances a new functional definition of the media that distinguishes media from non-media actors, and which provides a conceptual framework that recognises twenty-first century methods of newsgathering and publication. In doing so, he deals with some of the legal challenges this creates, including those arising from anonymous and pseudonymous speech, contempt of court, defamation, and how voluntary self-regulatory press regulation might be ‘reimagined’ to attract this new breed of journalist.

Peter’s book has already been the subject of significant critical acclaim from world-leading scholars from the UK, US, Australia, and Europe. More details on the book, including how to order it, can be found following this link.

Mini Pupillages for the best performing students in Banking and Company Law!

The School is pleased to share that four one-week mini pupillages have been secured for the best performing students in either the Banking Law or Company Law modules! These mini pupillages will take place at Garden Court Chambers, (GCC) located in London. There is flexibility in the start dates, between JulyAugust or September 2022.

The top 10 best students in these two modules will be invited to apply for one of the four mini pupillages at GCC. You will be required to write a cover letter addressed to Dr Folashade Adeyemo  outlining the following:

  1. Why you deserve to win this mini pupillage;
  2. The area(s) of law you are interested in;
  3. Why you are interested in a career at the Bar;
  4. How this mini pupillage will help you further your career.

You will be required to attach an up to date copy of your CV. Eligible students will be contacted after the examination results. Good luck!

Professor Rob Merkin QC publishes the fourth edition of Colinvaux’s Law of Insurance in Hong Kong

The Fourth Edition of Colinvaux’s Law of Insurance in Hong Kong, which is written by Professor Rob Merkin QC, has been published. The new fourth edition takes into account the overhaul of the Hong Kong regulatory system for insurers and intermediaries, and includes analysis of the recent COVID-19 test case: Sweet & Maxwell – Online Bookstore (sweetandmaxwell.com.hk)