Ruvi Ziegler discusses access to asylum in South Africa on an ‘Africa Freedom Month’ podcast

Ruvi Zielger participated this week in a podcast hosted by the Consortium for Refugees and Migrants in South Africa to mark ‘Africa Freedom Month’ – discussing access to asylum in South Africa in light of COVID19 and following the coming into force of the Refugees Amendment Act.

Ruvi also retweeted their tweet.

Ruvi Ziegler speaks on Channel Africa’s ‘African dialogue’ (SABC radio)

Thursday 5th March

Ruvi Ziegler spoke on Channel Africa’s ‘African dialogue’ (SABC radio) on asylum & resettlement in light of the situation of refugees in Cape Town alongside Associate Professor Jo Avery (Director of ACMS, Wits University) & Papy Sukami (Congolese human rights activist).

The podcast is available to download here (Ruvi enters the conversation at 25:50).


“My Father Was A Wandering European” – Triple Loyalties in Brexit Britain: British, Jewish, European?

Recently, Ruvi co-initiated a project which featured in last week’s Jewish Chronicle.

The project, using the newly renovated website of the Jewish Historical Society of England, will gather the thoughts and feelings of people across the British Jewish community about (re)acquiring citizenship of other EU countries with a view to publication of a multi-disciplinary volume of the JHSE yearbook (law, sociology, history, etc) once data has been collected and analysed.

The project was launched on Monday (9th December) at the Wiener Library.

Dr. Ruvi Ziegler in Peru and Ecuador

Over the last few weeks, Dr. Ruvi Ziegler visited Peru and Ecuador. In Cusco (Peru). he presented a paper on the treatment of asylum-seekers in South African and Israel as part of the International Association of Constitutional Law & PUCP round-table on the constitutional challenges of migration processes.

In Lima (Peru) and Guayaqil (Ecuador), he gave talks about ‘voting rights of refugees‘ at Universidad del Pacifico and UEES, respectively.

Ruvi Ziegler at the 10th constitutional court review conference in Johannesburg

 Dr Ziegler has been keeping busy during his research visit to South Africa, under the auspices of the South Africa Research Chair in International Law (SARCIL)

Last Month, he participated in the 10th constitutional court review conference in Johannesburg, presenting a paper on ‘effective access to refugee protection in South Africa’ alongside Justice Kapindu of Malawi High Court (a conference report is available here).

In September, Dr Ziegler gave invited talks about “No Asylum for ‘infiltrators’: Israel’s Dysfunctional asylum system” at the Refugee Rights Unit, University of Cape Town and at the African Centre for Migration and Society, University of Witwatersrand.

He also chaired a panel at the ‘Beyond 50 and 10 beyond the rhetoric: international conference on the protection of forced migrants in Africa’ hosted by the centre for human rights at the University of Pretoria.

Ruvi Ziegler’s letter to The Times on immigration from the EU

You can read the letter in here.   The full text of the letter is as follows:

Sir, Clare Foges notes that net immigration from the EU has dropped to its lowest level in a decade. She implies that the UK’s approach to family migration from non-European Economic Area countries, including the “minimum income” requirement (which the Supreme Court described in 2017 as “particularly harsh”), has been too lax. Our fellow EU27 citizens rightly feel that, since 2016, Britain has become a less welcoming place for them and their families. The idea of a pecking order of “desirable migrants” may serve only to exacerbate this feeling.
Dr Ruvi Ziegler
Associate professor in international refugee law, University of Reading