PhD students – what can Ethos do for you?

Picture of researchers at the British Library using laptops next to the Kings LibraryEthos is the British Library’s online PhD theses service where you can search for UK PhD theses and, where available, download them for free. As well as being the place to find out what researchers in your area are writing about, it’s also a brilliant way to showcase your own research to other scholars worldwide. Find out more

Improved access to Web of Knowledge

On-campus access made easier

Student working at a computerA new access method is now available for the Web of Knowledge database, making on-campus access much simpler. You can now choose to use “IP authentication” from any machine on the University network, meaning that you do not need to download the Athens cookie, or login with your username and password, to access Web of Knowledge any more.

Web of Knowledge incorporates several databases, giving you access to high quality, academic research references. It includes:

  • Web of Science (covering Arts and Humanities, Science and Social Sciences)
  • BIOSIS – biological abstracts
  • MEDLINE – biomedical references
  • Journal Citation Reports – use to find out which journals have the greatest impact in your subject

New features now available

The new access method also means that you can search Web of Knowledge using EndNote’s ‘Online Search’ option from campus machines, giving you extra functionality and making it even easier to download references into your EndNote library.

More to explore

Why not try out some other Library databases to explore more academic information? We subscribe to a wide range of databases giving you extensive access to articles and other materials.


Help watch out – is a thief about?

Hands taking a laptop whilst others workWe need you please, to ‘watch out’ with us –  for your own property and for any suspicious activity. There is a thief (or thieves) about in the University who also visit(s) the Library. A library does after all present the largest concentration of people on campus with laptops and phones in front of them but preoccupied with their studies … and where some ‘just step away for a minute’ to fetch a book or a coffee. There have been 35 reported thefts here since October, predominately of laptops. Don’t become the next crime statistic yourself. 

What we are doing about it

  • Laptop lock through special hole in deskThere are laptop lock holes in all Library study desks. It costs under £10 to make your laptop harder to steal. Buy a lock from RUSU’s ‘Campus central’ shop next door or other suppliers.
  • Library staff encourage students to take care of their valuables as part of regular patrols enforcing good conduct. We are not legally permitted to look after your laptops. Take note of our warning ‘Thieves work here too’ card on each study desk. If we leave one on your unattended laptop, be thankful it was just us noting the opportunity for theft.
  • University Security have stepped up patrol of the University Library. They are also conducting spot checks on Library users. Have your Campus/Student Access/Library card to hand or sign our Visitors’ Book.
  • Thames Valley Police also operate in the Library, including in plain clothes.

What you can do about it

  • Please take care of your property. Keep it with you or leave it in the care of someone you know you can trust. You may be insured but you don’t need the hassle of losing precious coursework which you didn’t back-up, contacts on your mobile, or replacing bank and University cards.
  • Please report anything suspicious. Save these numbers in your phones: 101 (a new national Police number) or University Security on 0118 378 6300 to report anything suspicious. Dial the Police emergency number 999 if you see a theft in progress.


£50k extra for course support

Finalists told us via previous National Student Surveys that more Library books supporting their courses would have made their time at Reading even better. So the University Library is providing £50,000 extra this financial year to buy in-demand and reading list books, including e-books. The extra money has been shared between all departments.

How to suggest books for purchase

Tutors! Please send your reading lists to your subject’s liaison librarian so they can order material for the Library.

Students! Please tell us about it any reading list items not in the Library using our online request form or contact your subject’s liaison librarian.