CaféLibro hours, Easter and Summer 2017

CafeLibro logo reversed on window, red tree behindHere are opening hours for CaféLibro, which remains in the Library Building until mid-vacation, and then moves to the 2nd Floor of the URS Building, ready to re-open on the first day of the summer term, Tuesday 18 April. (See the Library website for general Library and URS Building opening hours.)

Spring Term

Normal term-time hours until Sunday 26 March

  • Monday–Friday          08:30–21:00
  • Saturday & Sunday    11:00–16:00

Easter Vacation

 Monday 27 March – Monday 10 April

  • Monday–Friday          08:30–16:00
  • Saturday & Sunday    CLOSED (as is whole Library)

 Saturday 8 – Sunday 9 April

  • Saturday & Sunday    11:00–16:00

Tuesday 11 – Monday 17 April 

  •  CLOSED – to allow us to pack and move to URS Building! (Library is open Tuesday 11 April but closed Wednesday 12 – Monday 17 April, for University Easter Closure.)

Summer Term – extra exam-time hours

We re-open on the 2nd Floor of URS at 08:30 on Tuesday 18 April and will be into our extended hours after that.

  • Monday–Friday        08:00–23:00
  • Saturday                     11:00–16:00
  • Sunday                        11:00–23:00

Alternative catering options

New self-service machines for snacks and drinks will be provided after the move to the URS Building. Your can eat your own cold food in Cafe Libro but hot food, including takeaways, are specifically excluded from Library areas by Library rule 14. Alternatively, check out University Catering’s other campus outlets.

Rachel Redrup, Library Marketing Co-ordinator, for Martin Batt, Catering