URS Building study space extended for a year

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The URS Building will now remain as Library space until autumn 2019.

The University has recently taken the decision to extend the use of the URS Building for Library study space for an extra year. This decision has been taken in consultation with RUSU, to minimise disruption for students while the Library refurbishment continues.

Originally, the arrangements to relocate Library study space to the URS Building were to remain in effect until August 2018, at which point study space and other facilities would move back into the Library. However, this is a complex construction project and we have unfortunately encountered some unforeseen complications along the way. To ensure the refurbishment works can continue within the required timeframe we have agreed that the URS Building will provide a better study environment until work on the Ground and 1st Floors of the Library is complete. This means that URS will continue to operate the way it currently does until autumn 2019, with the plan being to have the majority of Library refurbishment work completed by this point.

Robert Van de Noort, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic Planning & Resource) said ‘The URS Building provides a quieter environment for study, enquiries and support.  It is less disrupted by the noise or dust of the building project, while still being close enough to borrow and use the Library’s printed materials. Extending its use means that students can continue to use study space and key services away from continuing construction work in the Library for the duration of the refurbishment.’

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In addition, we hope to re-open study space on the Library’s Ground and 1st Floors during autumn 2018.

The major £40 million Library refurbishment is on track to be completed by autumn 2019. We appreciate that study space is a key priority for our students, and hope that it may be possible to re-open study space on the Library’s Ground and 1st Floors during autumn 2018.

In the meantime, we are monitoring the usage of study spaces within URS and the alternative study spaces provided across our campuses (see below for more information) to ensure all spaces are accessible, available and well-used. Feedback on these spaces is very much welcome as it will help us to plan study space availability in the future.

Alternative study spaces

Including study space within URS, we have over 1,500 study spaces available across our Whiteknights and London Road campuses. Here are some helpful resources to make it easier for students to find a suitable space to study.

The University has provided some helpful resources to make it easier for students to find a suitable space to study. These can be easily accessed through our Library refurbishment project page, and include:

Library staff at the URS building Reception or Information Desks will be happy to try and help or advise students looking for study space.

Full details of the refurbishment, including FAQ, project summary, latest news and study space links, are available on our dedicated project website: reading.ac.uk/library/refurb.

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