Problem accessing ScienceDirect content via Summon

Open laptop with notepadWe are experiencing intermittent problems when accessing ScienceDirect articles via Summon from off-campus.


When you try to access an item you have located via Summon, usually you should be prompted to login to the University Single Sign On login page before being directed to the resource (with access).

Due to an issue with Summon and the authentication method we use for the ScienceDirect platform, the Single Sign On login is not loading for every ScienceDirect result found in Summon. You will still be directed to the article, but without the Single Sign On login. If you are off-campus you will not be recognised as a University of Reading member, and therefore will not be granted access.

If you are on-campus you should have access automatically due to IP address recognition.


To avoid this issue, you can navigate to the journal you require via the E-journals Finder (please search here with the journal rather than article title). When you reach the ScienceDirect platform you will need to use the search function or select the correct volume/issue to find your article.

Alternatively you can use Summon to find ScienceDirect articles, but when you reach the ScienceDirect platform, if the “Purchase PDF” option is displayed – indicating you do not have access – you will need to login via the institutional login:

  • Please click “Sign In” towards the top right of the webpage
  • Please then select “Other institution” on the right, as per the below screenshot (please do not select OpenAthens)  








  • Please then search and select “University of Reading”









  • You should then be prompted to login via the University Single Sign On, and then directed back to the article with access


If you have any on-going issues, please feel free to contact us via or by submitting an e-resources problem report form.


Lucy Ardill, E-resources Team