Book moves continue: 28 May

On Wednesday 9 May, books began moving from the 2nd and 4th Floors to the newly reopened 3rd Floor.

This week

This week, Call Numbers in the 300s, the Folio 300s and 900s and the Journals will be moving from the 4th to the 2nd Floor. Call Numbers in the Folio 100s, 200s, 400s and 700s will also be moving from the 4th to the 3rd Floor. So if you’re looking for books about social science, law, philosophy, religion, languages, linguistics, arts, history or geography, they may have moved. Look out for signs on the shelves to point you in the right direction and please ask our friendly Library staff for help at the Information Desks or Ground Floor Help Point if you get stuck. The Library catalogue will be updated to reflect the new locations, usually within a day.

Last week

Last week moves were completed on the normal size 900s, which are all now on the 2nd Floor, and the Folio size 500s and 600s, which have moved to the 3rd Floor. Moves also began on the normal size 300s and the Folio 900s, with normal size 330-338.174 and Folio 900-942 VIC now on the 2nd Floor.

More information

You can read more about the book moves here. We’ll also provide weekly updates on what is moving via this blog, Twitter (@UniRdg_Library) and Facebook (@universityofreadinglibrary).

Katie Moore, Trainee Liaison Librarian