2nd Floor books moving to the 4th Floor

What’s changing?

With the Library refurbishment drawing towards its later stages, the 4th Floor is nearly ready to be reopened. The next phase involves moving stock from the 2nd Floor to the 4th Floor, in preparation for the 2nd Floor closing for refurbishment.

When will it start?

The anticipated start date for this is Monday 21 January, with a timeframe of 5-6 weeks. This is subject to approval from Building Maintenance. We’ll keep you updated on this blog and on Twitter (@UniRdg_Library) and Facebook (@universityofreadinglibrary).

Can I still access my books?

Yes! In keeping with our strategy to maximise access to stock throughout the Refurbishment Project, all books will remain accessible as far as possible throughout the move. Each shelf will be unavailable for around thirty minutes whilst the stock is being moved. The Library catalogue will also be updated to reflect the new locations, usually within a day.

Where will I find my books after the move?

The stock will be split by Call Number as follows:

3rd Floor

100s – philosophy, psychology

200s – religion

400s – languages, linguistics

500s – science

600s – technology, business, typography

700s – arts


Teaching Practice

4th Floor

000s – computer science

300s – social sciences, law

800s – literature

900s – history, geography, archaeology


Where can I get help?

Library staff will still be available at the Information Desks and Ground Floor Help Point – please contact them if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

More information

Books with Call Numbers in the 800s and 900s will be moving to their final locations and will not be moved again, while books in the 000s and 300s will move back to the 2nd Floor once it has been refurbished.

Keep up to date with the latest study space and Library refurbishment news on our Library refurbishment webpage.

Katie Winter, Trainee Liaison Librarian