Paying Library fines – Campus Card portal upgraded

It is now possible to pay Library fines using the upgraded Campus Card portal.

Following the upgrade some users may need to delete their internet cache before they can access the new mobile friendly site.  So remember clear your cache to pay your cash!

Fines can also be paid:

  • at the Library building Self-Service Point fines payment machine (up to £12)
  • at the URS building Information Desk
  • by ringing us on 0118 378 8770 with a credit/debit card.

Rebecca Ashley, Library User Services
for Nathan Harvey, Campus Card Systems Manager

Looking for your Course Collection booking?

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESWe have made it even easier for you to get your Course Collection bookings!  No more worries about remembering Call Numbers or searching for items on the shelf! You now pick up your Course Collection bookings from the Ground Floor Information Desk.

Remember you need to collect your booking within an hour of the collection time. Items not collected within the allotted time will be returned to the shelves for others to borrow.

You can book two Course Collection items up to seven days in advance – just click on the ‘book Course Collection copy’ option on Enterprise and follow the online instructions.  You can choose from the following:

  • collect 10:00-11:00 to borrow for six hours
  • collect 16:00-17:00 to borrow until 10:00 next day
  • collect 16:00-17:00 Friday to borrow over the weekend until 10:00 Monday

Busy in the afternoon? Can’t make it to the Library by 17:00 to collect your Course Collection booking? We can arrange for your booking to be kept safely for you for a bit longer in the evening, just ask staff at the Ground Floor Information Desk for details.

Rebecca Ashley, Library User Services


Upgrading Academic Visitor Library cards

The Library is upgrading the card Academic Visitors have for Library use.Campus_card_associate

In future those who are not members of staff or students but have a close relationship with the University and are sponsored by their department will be able to register their Associate Campus card as their Library card.

All Library privileges will remain the same, only the name will change from Academic Visitor to Associate member.

As well as being able to borrow books the new Associate Campus card can be used as a photocopying card and will enable users to access the Library during Examinations and other restricted periods.  The Associate Campus card also gives members greater flexibility in managing their Library account with the ability to pay fines online.

If you already have an Associate Campus card it can be used to replace an exisiting Academic Visitor Library card.  If you do not already have one and you are already a Library member it will be provided for you from the Ground Floor Information Desk on request.

Full details about the Associate Campus card can be found on the University’s Campus card webpage.

For full details of Library membership for Associates please see our membership webpage.


Rebecca Ashley, Library User Services on behalf of Nick Hollis, Library User Services Manager

Disruption to Campus card payments during upgrade

The University is making major improvements to the cashless payment system in the coming days.  Once the upgrade is complete it will be much easier to manage your Campus card account with one online balance to pay for printing, photocopying, Library fines and your lunch!

Whilst work is carried out to make these improvements the Campus card payment system will be unavailable.

From Wednesday 20 July at 17:00 until 17:00 on Monday 1 August it will not be possible to:

  • Top-up online via the Campus card portal
  • Top-up using cash at the kiosk in the Library
  • Make any payments using your Campus card
  • Pay Library fines online via the Campus card portal

If you have any problems printing or photocopying during the upgrade please go to the IT help desk on the 1st floor of the Library.

It will still be possible to pay Library fines using cash or debit/credit cards in person at the Ground floor Information Desk or by calling 0118 378 8770 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Please email with any questions.

Rebecca Ashley, Library User Services

Changes to Library printing and photocopying

close up of photocopierNew printer/copier/scanners have been installed in the Library as part of the new University-wide Managed Print Service. The new multifunctional devices allow you to print, copy, and scan to email anywhere on campus, often in colour as well as black and white. We apologise for any inconvenience during transition to the new system.

Where are the Library devices?

You can now print, copy or scan on more Library floors than before! Public devices are located on:

  • 4th Floor – north side
  • 3rd Floor – north side
  • 2nd  Floor – north side
  • 1st Floor (Rooms 105, 108, 109 and large PC area)
  • Ground Floor (Course Collection)

How do I use them and pay?

Print queues to select include:

  • FollowMe-BW on
  • FollowMe-Colour on

Students: Devices are activated using your Campus Card – hold it against the white ‘card in a circle’ sticker – or login with your username and password. Pay via your online account – top up online or with £1/£2 coins or £5 /£10 notes at the new Library Top-up Kiosk.

Staff: you also need your Campus Card to activate devices – ask in your department about permissions.

Visitors:  Please buy a £1.50 copy card from the Ground Floor Information Desk and top up with cash at the Ground Floor Top-up Kiosk. (If you still have an ‘Off the Glass’ card from our previous system, please exchange it for a new one, free of charge, at the Ground Floor Information Desk. To transfer an existing balance to your new copy card please email quoting both card numbers.)

When can I use them?

Throughout Library opening hours, but please be prepared to complete copying/printing 15 minutes before closing time.

What are the costs?

Prices initially remain as before but revised prices will be advertised shortly.


All faults with any device should be reported directly to IT quoting the Konika number on the front. Phone 0118 378 6262, use the Self Service Help Desk at or email

Rebecca Ashley, Library User Services and Rachel Redrup, Marketing Co-ordinator