Problems accessing Oxford Academic from off-campus

We are currently experiencing problems using the Institutional Sign In feature on the Oxford Academic platform. You should only need to use this Sign In on the Oxford Academic site when off-campus, so on-campus users should not be affected.

When a user links to an article on the Oxford Academic platform via Summon, the Summon ‘frame’ prevents the Institutional Sign In link on the site from working – nothing will happen when you click the ‘Sign In’ link. To work around this problem, please click the ‘Open content in a new tab’ button in the Summon sidebar, as indicated below. This should open the page in a new tab, and you should be able to click ‘Sign In’ successfully.

Oxford Academic Sign In screenshot

If you navigate to the platform via a route other than Summon, e.g. the E-Journals Finder you should not experience this problem.

We are working with the supplier to fix this, and hope the issue will be resolved soon.

If you have trouble accessing any online resources, please contact us via an E-resources problem report form.


Lucy Ardill, E-resources Team


Resolved – access problems with LexisLibrary

Open book on a laptopWe are pleased to say that the problems with access to LexisLibrary have been resolved, and you should be able to use this resource as normal.

Some users may need to clear their browser cache and cookies before using this resource again.

If you experience further problems, please do get in touch with us via an e-resources problem report form.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

Lucy Ardill – E-resources Team


Resolved – access problems with ScienceDirect

We are pleased to say that the remaining problems with access to ScienceDirect have been resolved and you should be able to use this resource as normal.

If you experience difficulties accessing any of our resources please fill in the E-resources problem report form and we will do our best to assist you.

Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

Lucy Ardill – E-resources Team

Ebook Central – new platform from ProQuest

E-bookIf you regularly use the Library’s e-books, you may have noticed that we now have access to a new e-book platform. E-books which were hosted on the EBL and ebrary platforms have moved and are now available on ProQuest’s new Ebook Central platform.

How this will affect you

The interface of the new Ebook Central platform is very similar to the EBL platform so you may not even notice a difference! If you’ve bookmarked an EBL or ebrary e-book, you will automatically be re-directed to the e-book on Ebook Central. Links from the Library website will also take you to Ebook Central.

If you had created a bookshelf on EBL you will find that it has already migrated to Ebook Central.

If you had created a bookshelf on ebrary, you will be prompted to move your bookshelf contents to Ebook Central when you first log in to access an e-book.

Some features of Ebook Central

As with EBL and ebrary, you will be able to download E-book Central e-books for a limited time period using the free Adobe Digital Editions software.

You will now also be able to download e-book chapters as simple PDFs which can be read using the free Adobe Reader software and saved to your device.

Up to 40% of an e-book can be printed or downloaded in chapters, and up to 20% of an e-book can be copied. The exact pages available for you to print/download or copy will be displayed in each e-book.

To find out more about Ebook Central, take a look at ProQuest’s Ebook Central LibGuide.

If you have any questions or problems locating the content you need on Ebook Central, please get in touch with us by submitting a problem report form.

Linking to resources at risk evening of Sat 29 October

Computer keyboardFrom 17:00 until midnight on Saturday 29 October it may not be possible to link to resources via Summon, the Item Finder, and the E-journals Finder. This is due to ProQuest upgrading some of their products and services which means links to journal articles and other online resources may not work.

During this period if you know which journal you need to use, try going directly to that journal via a search engine – if you are off-campus you will need to look for an institutional login option to gain access. If you have found an interesting book chapter on Summon, but can’t link to it, try searching for the book title on the Enterprise catalogue and then browsing the e-book for the chapter you need.

Lucy Ardill, E-resources Team